Drain Pipes

The right stormwater drain pipes can help prevent flooding on your property and save you time and money in the long term. Our professionals can assist you with custom design and fabrication for commercial and residential properties. Choose G&M Poly Irrigation for high-quality piping tailored to precise requirements.

The Importance of Stormwater Drainage Pipes

Effective drainage systems provide various benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Here are some of the most important reasons to install tailored stormwater drainage systems:

  • Your parcel will have reduced chances of flooding.
  • You can collect and use the water from the drainage solutions.
  • An effective method of keeping plant beds from overflowing with water that can kill them.
  • Much lower risk of contaminants spreading due to stagnant water.
  • Protects infrastructure that would otherwise be too close to pools of water.

Our Process for a Custom Water Drainage Pipe

While stock-standard plastic drainage might sometimes suit your needs, customised solutions are always better. We custom make your drainage system, from length to material, to suit your precise requirements. Here is our process for providing you with an effective poly stormwater pipe plan:

  • Initial consultation where we discuss your needs.
  • The in-house design team starts drawing plans.
  • We show you the blueprints for sign-off.
  • We start fabricating your new pipe for water drainage.
  • We deliver and install your new system.

Order Your New Large Drainage Pipe Today

Book a consultation with our team now if you are ready to upgrade your irrigation drainage. Consider browsing our poly pipe repairs and servicing assistance or ask about our certified water metre installers and validators if you need something else. 

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