Custom Plastic Fabrication

Sometimes standard fabrication sizes for pipes, tanks, and bore casings don’t always meet your project’s needs. Therefore, building appropriate irrigation or pipeline systems may require customised materials. That’s where G&M Poly’s custom plastic fabrication and HDPE fabrication come in. 

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are known for their strong molecular bond. As a result, they are more resistant to microbes, making them more versatile and durable. As an established manufacturing company of poly products, we can help create new plastic fabrications for your systems or create custom-fitted pipes and products that pair with your existing pipelines.

Custom Poly Products

At G&M Poly, we understand that no two projects are the same, which is why we offer custom plastic fabrication. 

Civil and industrial poly installation - G&M Poly Irrigation

Civil & Industrial Works

Pontoon boats - G&M Poly Irrigation

Ferry across rivers, seas and lakes using sturdy beams to help support and keep your pontoon afloat.

Pontoons - G&M Poly Irrigation

Support floating platforms with some of our custom plastic fabrication products to ensure sturdy, long-lasting use.

Pontoon boats - G&M Poly Irrigation

Ferry across rivers, seas and lakes using sturdy beams to help support and keep your pontoon afloat.

Poly water delivery - G&M Poly Irrigation

Looking to build custom-made water tanks? We can help provide custom-built HDPE fabrications making your water delivery and storage easy!

Custom poly fabrication and installation - G&M Poly Irrigation

Suitable for all water applications, including drainage and filtration systems, our polyethylene pipes consist of strong and flexible materials.

Irrigation pumps - G&M Poly Irrigation

Looking to extend or create additional pump connections for your existing pipeline systems? Poly pipes can get you the results you desire.

Poly pipe fabrication - G&M Poly Irrigation

Custom Poly Fabrication

As a poly product manufacturer, we can create custom plastic fabrications to suit whatever size and shape your pipeline systems need.

Bore casings - G&M Poly Irrigation

The solid and flexible materials used in poly pipes are also suitable for bore casing pipes, which help prevent drilled bores from collapsing.

Custom poly fabrication - G&M Poly Irrigation

Whatever your requirements, durable storage containers and plastic tanks help achieve your storage goals. 

Custom poly fabrication - G&M Poly Irrigation

Systems HDPE fabrication’s highly durable yet flexible nature is suitable for creating specific safety systems and requirements for your operations.

Poly stock troughs - G&M Poly Irrigation

Stock troughs are a cost-effective means of providing stock troughs for feeding and hydrating your livestock.

G&M Poly Services Various Industries

As manufacturers and installers of high-quality poly pipe irrigation systems, our poly products can serve numerous industries. Some of those industries include:

  • Mining
  • Agricultural
  • Marine
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Engineering


 If you’re looking to improve your irrigation system, build a complex pipeline, or effectively use poly pipes, G&M Poly can help. Our irrigation specialists can help build pipes, bore casings, poly tanks, and custom water tanks. Additionally, we offer custom-made poly products to serve your specific industry and project needs.

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