Farm Irrigation Systems

The right agricultural irrigation systems can improve your daily operations in many ways, from saving time to getting better data on your soil. At G&M Poly Irrigation, we pride ourselves on helping each of our clients design their very own automated smart irrigation system for their farming needs that benefits their unique location and operational requirements. So, what is an automated irrigation system, and how can we help you obtain one?

How Our Automated Irrigation Systems Can Help You

Using the correct irrigation method in agriculture is vital when it comes to keeping crops healthy and preparing them for a timely harvest, but how do you know which option is right for you? At G&M Poly, we are dedicated to helping you secure the ideal automated water irrigation system for your agricultural requirements. Keep on reading to discover the unique benefits of our custom irrigation systems and discover how G&M Poly can cater to your distinct needs.
Reinke centre pivots - G&M Poly Irrigation

Safe and Convenient Storage

We have large plastic storage containers for customers who require abundant storage space. These large containers are ideal for storing bulkier items such as sports equipment, garden tools, or large household items. With their sturdy construction and generous capacity, these HDPE containers provide a robust option for keeping your belongings safe and organised.
Reinke centre pivots - G&M Poly Irrigation

Automatic Watering of Plants and Crops

Having your crops receive water at the correct times is crucial for optimal growth, and planning and setting up the ideal watering schedule becomes much simpler with automatic farm irrigation. Compared to manual daily switch-flicking, our automated systems are a massive quality-of-life improvement for you and your crops.
Reinke centre pivots - G&M Poly Irrigation

Optional Sensors to Further Optimise Watering Systems

With our assistance, you can add optional sensors to your irrigation watering system to closely monitor the soil’s moisture and temperature. These sensors can, in turn, adjust the crop irrigation schedule so that plants are never over- or under-watered. As a result, you can boost crop yield and save on water, which every farmer knows is precious.

How to Secure Your New Farm Irrigation Systems

If you’re looking to increase productivity with new irrigation water systems for your property, our team will happily provide the assistance you need. Here’s how to start your journey towards automated irrigation farming with G&M Poly:
  • Contact us to discuss our agricultural irrigation systems.
  • Schedule a date for an on-site consultation with a member of our team.
  • During your on-site consultation, discuss your requirements with our visiting team member so they understand exactly what your new setup needs to handle.
  • Let our professionals design a personalised irrigation system for your agricultural needs.
  • Allow us to then organise a date with you to deliver and install the new system and show you how everything works.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems

We also have a range of eco-friendly options available to help you save water and energy while keeping productivity high. From providing efficient water management systems and agricultural irrigation pipes for better farming and water supply to designing energy-efficient solar irrigation systems for your farming needs, we can do it all. Check out our options for automated water management systems, pipe and riser systems, solar pumps, and more. Whatever your ideal system looks like, you can count on G&M Poly to equip you with the very best eco-friendly products for your agricultural requirements.

Book a Consultation for Your New Agricultural Irrigation System

Are you ready to optimise your farm’s irrigation system? Book a consultation with the expert team at G&M Poly and make the transition from manual to automated farm irrigation systems and supplies today.

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