Metered Outlets: Water Meter Installation and Validation Services

Proper water meter installation can play an important role in water management, particularly in managing your water bill. Having a water meter setup can not only help you identify how much water your property is consuming but can also help you detect possible leakages or faults.

For this reason, accurate water metering is essential. You want to ensure that there are no hiccups during installation and that the chosen water meters are accurate. As certified water meter installers, we at G&M Poly have years of experience and can best handle all of your water meter setup needs.

Water Metered Outlets by G&M Poly:

Here at G&M Poly, we have the experience and certification to install and validate various water meter outlets. Offering Australia-wide installation, our team can assist with:

Metered Poly Pump Wells

Metered poly pumps help to keep track of and control the flow of water your pumps are drawing out of the earth. 

Metered Poly Pipelines 

Metered pipelines help you keep track of your water usage and supply, offering accurate readings to help you identify the amount of water passing through them. 

Metered Bay Outlets

Bay outlets help regulate flow during the irrigation process and help control the flow in different pipeline sections. Therefore, ensuring bay outlets are metered can help better manage the water flow in each area.

Metered Solar Pumps

Effective for managing operational costs, metered solar pumps are a perfect choice for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Certified water installer - G&M Poly Irrigation

Why G&M Poly Are Your Chosen Meter Installers

Founded in 2008, we at G&M Poly have over ten years of irrigation experience. Our staff are highly trained and use their experience and industry knowledge to set up and install high-quality water meters across Australia.

In addition, the NSW Water Reform Action Plan boasts a robust new metering framework to improve standards and coverage of water meters. At G&M Poly, we are NSW Water Approved and can assist you with cost-efficient and effective compliance measures.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to your irrigation systems, you can trust G&M Poly to deliver the results you need.

Irrigation metered outlets - G&M Poly Irrigation
Irrigation metered outlets - G&M Poly Irrigation
Irrigation metered outlets - G&M Poly Irrigation
Irrigation metered outlets - G&M Poly Irrigation

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