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Enjoy Custom Floating Pontoons from Experienced and Qualified Welders

With our ability to create custom floating pontoons, you can enjoy your time out by the water even more than you already do. Whether you need it as a walkway to your docked water vehicles, a work platform, or even for use with your party boats, G&M Poly Irrigation is the team for you. Secure your new plastic pontoons for sale today.

Ways to Use a Floating Pontoon Designed by Our Team

Our custom floating pontoons for sale have a variety of uses, such as:

  • Houseboat Pontoons
  • Floating Jetty
  • Party Boat Pontoon
  • Floating Pump Landing
  • Work Platforms
  • Boat Landings

Whether you plan to use a pontoon for sale as a floating pontoon jetty or floating docks in Australia, our team prioritises helping you with the design to deliver high quality results.

Pontoon floating platform - G&M Poly Irrigation
Pontoon floating platform - G&M Poly Irrigation
Pontoon floating platform - G&M Poly Irrigation

Things to Consider for a Floating Platform

Pontoon floating platform - G&M Poly Irrigation

Before you purchase pontoons for sale from our team, consider the following so that you can come to us with the necessary information during our first chat:

  • The dimensions you need.
  • The finish you desire. We can provide non-slip plastic treading, marine carpet, or timber.
  • Any custom requirements such as shape, chassis mounting brackets, or nose cone options.

Speak to Our Team About Design Floating Docks for Sale

Our team can provide pontoon boats for sale in Australia that are naturally buoyant, highly durable, never corrodes, don’t require painting, and is 100% watertight when welded. Our highly experienced and qualified welders are ready to assist you today, so get in touch. You can also view our range of floating pontoons for sale in Australia online.

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