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Pontoons, Floatation Platforms & Jetties

HDPE pipe is the perfect material for pontoons.

It’s naturally buoyant, highly durable, never corrodes, doesn’t need to be painted, and is 100% water tight when welded. G&M Poly’s highly experienced and qualified welders custom manufacture pontoons complete to fit your requirements. We can calculate displacement, customise chassis mounting brackets and have a variety of pontoon nose cone options. Platforms can be finished with non-slip plastic treading, marine carpet or timber.

We can supply pontoons for houseboats, party boats, floating pump landings, work platforms, jetties, boat landings, anything you need. Call 7 days a week or email us to discuss your project’s needs. Contact G&M Poly’s Pontoon expert Graham direct on 0428 56 2233, or the G&M Poly office on 03 5456 2233.
Pontoon floating platform - G&M Poly Irrigation
Pontoon floating platform - G&M Poly Irrigation

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