Water Monitors

Make the Most of Your Water Monitor

A reliable, cost-effective alternative to chasing water is available from G&M Poly Irrigation in the form of a water monitor. This allows you to spend your time more productively and make the most of your water allocation.

The water monitor is simply placed at the end of the bay to alert you when it has been watered. Once the water raises the float sensor, a message is sent to your mobile phone or UHF. When fitted with an external float sensor, the water monitor also indicates water in drains.

A light indicator, with a choice of white or red, comes on once the float is activated for ease of location at night. The water monitor saves time and water, is easy to use, automatically resets for the next use and sends texts directly to your phone via SMS monitor.

It has a UHF transmitting range of up to 7km, can transmit to multiple devices, has a sturdy low profile design, long life battery and reliable and repairable telemetry equipment. Trial units are available.

Automated water monitors - G&M Poly Irrigation
Automated water monitors - G&M Poly Irrigation

Monitor and Regulate Irrigation Systems

An irrigation monitoring and control system monitors and regulates irrigation systems to ensure plants receive the right quantity of water. It combines sensors, data analysis and automated control systems.

An irrigation flow meter measures water flow in an irrigation system and is usually installed in the main water line so the system operates effectively and efficiently. This optimises irrigation schedules and reduces water wastage. It also identifies leaks in any irrigation system for proactive repair.

Water flow sensors measure the rate of water flow through a pipe or other channel. A sensing element and a signal processing unit convert the data. These sensors are important to ensure optimal water use.

Irrigation monitoring and control encompasses irrigation monitoring devices such as the traditional irrigation monitoring sensor. Irrigation monitors collect valuable data about soil moisture, weather conditions and other factors impacting water usage. For durable and reliable water flow meters in Australia, talk to G&M Poly Irrigation.

Automated water monitors - G&M Poly Irrigation

Increase Crop Productivity and Optimise Resource Use

When it comes to irrigation monitoring, we supply the data for analysis that tells you how much water your plants need and when. In the farmer’s world, a monitor system is critical for optimal automated control. We have professional advice and equipment on hand to assist you in increasing crop yields and optimising your resource use and allocation.

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