Poly Stock Troughs

The Versatility of Poly Stock Troughs

A polyethylene trough is becoming the new preferred material for farm use by livestock farmers. A strong, heavy-duty, and portable material, a poly stock trough is ideal for all types of livestock, including cows, sheep, goats, horses, and alpacas.

Versatile in nature, our poly stock troughs act as a feeding and water trough, pool, garden bed, drink cooler, and pond for livestock.

The Benefits of Using Poly Water Trough

If you are searching for a premium livestock water trough that can withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions and animal-inflicted damages, a poly water trough is the way to go.

A poly water trough is purpose-built to be Ultraviolet (UV) light resistant, preventing it from easily breaking down when left in direct sunlight. This UV protection increases the poly trough’s lifespan, preventing it from becoming brittle.

In comparison to a metal trough (which is bigger and bulkier), a plastic water trough is also relatively lightweight, making it easier to install and move when necessary.

A poly water trough is less conducive to heat, so thirsty livestock can still enjoy their water in much cooler temperatures. Moreso, a poly water trough does not taint the water with zinc which can cause an unpleasant metallic taste and potential sickness in livestock.

A poly water trough costs less than metal water troughs both in retail price and in maintenance. Poly water troughs do not require constant cleaning, nor do they incur the extra expense of poly lining.

Poly products do not suffer damage from rust or corrosion, which slowly destroys the physical strength and durability of metal water troughs. While you can invest in poly lining to help prevent such natural occurrences, doing so requires extra care.

Compared to a metal trough that requires extra care when cleaning, a poly water trough is available with a tank self-cleaning system.

Poly Stock Trough Care

Since plastic water troughs can self-clean, they are efficient and require little maintenance. However, to ensure the quality of water your stock is drinking, poly stock troughs should be cleaned at least once every three days to avoid algae growth and unclean drinking conditions.

Cleaning the water trough can be as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Drain the water and scrub clean the entire thing
  2. Rinse it with a bleach solution (1 tablespoon of bleach for every gallon of water)
  3. Rinse with clean water twice more before refilling
Poly stock troughs - G&M Poly Irrigation

G&M Poly Irrigation Poly Stock Trough

Looking for a water trough for sale? At G&M Poly Irrigation, we fabricate high-quality and food-grade poly stock troughs for your livestock, according to your preference and budget.

Most of our products are manufactured in Cohuna, Victoria and are built to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

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