Automated Irrigation System

Automated Irrigation for Plants and Crops

An automated irrigation system deploys technology to water crops or plants automatically. Such systems make watering more efficient and precise. Typical components are a network of pipes, valves and sprinklers or drip and quantities of water.

Sensors to Gauge Soil Moisture and Temperature

Automated irrigation systems can even incorporate sensors to gauge soil moisture and temperature and adjust the watering schedule, so plants are neither under or over-watered. These systems play an important role in optimising watering and boosting crop yields while conserving this precious resource.

G&M Poly Irrigation is your answer for a highly developed automated irrigation system. It combines radio telemetry, solar power and computers for an easy-to-use, automated irrigation system that is exceedingly flexible, powerful and cost-effective. The system uses a licence-free VHF band. The standard operating range of 8 km can be increased to over 30km where required.

The system allows irrigation schedules to be created and stored for automatic operation for greater accuracy and efficiency. Alarms monitor a range of functions for peace of mind during automatic operation.

Automated irrigation - G&M Poly Irrigation
Automated irrigation - G&M Poly Irrigation

Seamless Automation: Transforming Irrigation for Tomorrow

Experience the future of irrigation with our cutting-edge automation solutions. Whether flood, drip, spray, or subsurface systems, G&M Poly Irrigation offers seamless retrofitting to enhance your water management. Benefit from our free on-site consultation, design expertise, and obligation-free quotes for all your irrigation needs.

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