HDPE Welding

Customise Pipe Lengths for Any Use with HDPE Welding

Poly distribution systems are fabricated from HDPE, with welding holding the sections together to meet required specifications. When done correctly, these joints are as sturdy and reliable as interior sections of the pipe itself.

Benefits of G&M Poly Irrigation’s Polyethylene Welding

As a solution to a logistical hurdle, our poly welding service offers you several significant advantages:

  • Assemble as many or as few portions of piping as you need for any use. When welded together, they are sturdy and leak-resistant. Whether you need to traverse a road or irrigate over longer distances, poly welding is an effective way to get the lengths you need.

  • Repair and reinforce areas of damage or potential risk. This kind of welding can seal hairline fractures or other damage that can happen over the course of time and extended use.

  • Butt welding of our ribbed HDPE piping is the perfect solution to your gravity-flow drainage situation.

Related Services We Provide to HDPE Pipe Welding

We offer numerous other services that are relevant to various situations you may encounter on the job site.

  • HDPE Piping – We provide the pipes as well as the welding services. These pipes are sturdy and lightweight, suited for any water-based application. Sizes range from 12m to 20m in various diameters depending on your needs. We will custom-fabricate these according to your specifications, so speak with us for a personalised quote.

  • Pol Repairs – Polyethylene is a miracle material, but eventually it will suffer damage through use or abuse. In the situations where a leak may develop after years of use, we are available to repair it properly and restore functionality.

  • Irrigation Bay Outlets and Channel Stops – Just as important as getting water where it needs to go is restraining the flow, so you can prevent leaks and avoid flooding. Our several models of bay outlets and channel stops are suited for different applications, but all are easy to use. Choose the material best tailored to your needs, and we’re happy to consult with you if you aren’t sure.

Why You Should Use G&M Poly Irrigation

We proudly offer our services as an Australian company with decades of experience. Our team members are pleased to work with each of our customers and we strive to provide perfectly customised solutions suited to your needs. We’re based out of Victoria and craft all our products according to the highest Australian standards.

We believe that it takes listening to our customers to find the solutions that are right for them. Therefore, we are eager to listen to your experience and learn about the work you do. When you share your perspective and needs with us, we’ll share our skill and experience with you to collaborate on a solution suited to your workplace. Contact us to start the conversation and realise a solution that helps you complete the job.