G&M Water monitors

Water Monitors

The G&M Poly Water Monitors offers a reliable, cost effective alternative to chasing water, allowing you to spend your time more productively and make the most of your water allocation.

The Water Monitor is simply placed at the end of the bay to alert you when the bay has been watered. Once the water raises the float sensor, a message is sent to your mobile phone or UHF. The Water monitor can also be used to indicate water in drains when fitted with an external float sensor.

Includes light indicator (with a choice of white or red) that comes on once the float is activated for ease of location at night.

  • Saves time and water

  • Easy to use

  • Automatically resets for next use

  • SMS Monitor sends text directly to your mobile phone

  • Long range UHF; up to 7km transmitting range

  • Can transmit to more than one device

  • Sturdy low profile design

  • Long life battery

  • Reliable and repairable telemetry equipment

  • Trial units available