Plastic Water Trough

A Plastic Water Trough Keeps Animals Hydrated During Hot Summers

Install a plastic water trough to keep your livestock hydrated all year long, especially in the hot summer months. Troughs and tanks made from polyethylene provide stability, easy maintenance and durability. G&M Poly Irrigation has the materials to create troughs and tanks to keep your animals hydrated with a dependable source of fresh water. Our high-quality materials and workmanship ensure you can provide water sources to your animals even when lakes and streams run dry.

The Importance of Poly Stock Troughs

All livestock animals need ample water access to survive, especially during the height of the Australian summer. Providing them with a constant source of fresh water helps these animals to withstand the heat and grow strong for market. A few benefits of poly troughs:

  • Poly troughs are lighter than galvanised steel and can be relocated with less effort. You can easily transport an empty poly trough from one location to another depending on your herd’s needs.

  • A poly trough is durable enough to handle your livestock’s rough treatment. Horse and cow hoofs can damage steel containers, but poly troughs kick back to retain their shape and prevent leaks.

  • The poly piping we use in our water troughs resists bacteria, keeping water safe for animal consumption. Combined with regular cleaning, this material will ensure water is fresh and clean enough for your herd and livestock.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Plastic Stock Tanks

A poly stock tank is lightweight, making it easier to move and provides a clean water source for your herd. A few tips:

  • Dig down a few inches to provide a stable surface for the tank and prevent tipping by large herds. Be sure to dig out around the drainage hole to facilitate draining the tank for cleaning.

  • It is best to spread these features out to prevent the crowding of the herd around the water source. By offering an abundance of water sources, you’ll ensure every animal can stay adequately hydrated and healthy without competition.

  • Clean your tanks regularly to ensure debris and dirt don’t build up and muddy the water. Like humans, animals prefer clean water to dirty, so it is important to keep tanks clean.

Why G&M Poly Irrigation is Cost Effective

We have been in the irrigation industry for more than 20 years, using high-quality polyethylene piping to serve farms across Australia. Our family-owned and operated business has the experience to assist you with all your watering needs. We can manufacture stock tanks and troughs to meet your livestock’s specifications, including piping fresh water to stationary tanks, saving you effort while keeping herds hydrated.

Contact us for more information on our poly troughs and tanks to keep your livestock hydrated. We can also assist you with irrigation and drainage issues with our full irrigation services to keep water moving on your farm. Let us custom-fabricate any type of irrigation and drainage system you need with our vast experience and high-quality products. We can work together to design a system that works for you.