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When it comes to pump connections and other supporting infrastructure, reliability matters. Reliability is not only about avoiding downtime; it is also paramount in ensuring operations run fluently, reducing wear and tear and avoiding wasted water. At G&M Poly Irrigation, we are happy to support projects with a full range of HDPE fittings.

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The Importance of a Submersible Pump Shroud

Alongside connections, we provide crucial accessories such as shrouds for submerged pumps. This vital equipment matters for a few reasons.

  • Prolong the life of your submersible pump, by ensuring the motor always remains adequately cooled during operation. In some cases, pumps may run above specification or at capacity for long periods, without adequate protection for the motor. Overheating leads to burnouts, which are ultimately costly to repair and replace.

  • The right shroud must fit the pump precisely to induce the proper flow of water near the motor. An ill-fitting shroud will not provide the same level of cooling as a properly constructed one will and it may decrease the shroud's ability to prevent sediment from entering the pump.

  • Protect the rest of your system downstream and avoid costly delays caused by downtime. Not employing a shroud not only reduces the motor's lifespan but can also create the opportunity for a shutdown when pumps fail and maintenance becomes necessary. Avoid these problematic concerns by protecting your equipment from the start.

Related Services We Provide Alongside Submersible Pump Flow Inducer Sleeve Options

At G&M Poly Irrigation, we're proud to support our partners with a value-packed range of products. Alongside shrouds and connections, we provide:

  • A full range of strainers and pump connections built to suit. Whether you have a pump as small as 5 inches or as large as 35" or more, we can custom-build connections that yield the results your project demands. Our strainers, like our shrouds, help to prolong operational lifespans for pumping equipment, while ensuring the relative purity of the flow they generate.

  • Complete poly pipeline solutions using Australian-manufactured HDPE and welded to the highest standards codified by law. For operators across diverse industries, G&M Poly Irrigation fabricates supplies and welds pipelines of excellent quality. Trust in your infrastructure's ability to operate around the clock without the constant concern of expensive leaks.

  • Other poly products, including pontoons and floating jetties. HDPE's incredible resilience and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for applications involving long-term exposure to water. HDPE holds up well even in briny seawater, so this material is perfect for water access solutions.

About G&M Poly Irrigation

Providing service to our partners for more than a decade and backed by 20-plus years of irrigation experience, our team is well-positioned to assist with operations across many industries. Pumps are not just expensive—they are often a vital component in your daily working life. Protect that investment and trust in the quality of results yielded from experience. Learn more about our services in creating connections, or contact us for a quote today.