Mining Pipelines

Mining Pipelines Offer True Solutions for Your Mining Operation

Moving materials, you dig out of the ground through mining pipelines provides you with multiple benefits. You can pump slurry into trucks to haul to the next location—or, for more efficiency, you can let us design and install a pipeline system that moves more material at a faster rate with greater savings. G&M Poly has the resources and experience to get your materials to the processing plant more efficiently. Our pipelines offer environmental benefits by reducing the number of trucks you need, cutting back your subsequent contribution to pollution.

Problems Slurry Pipeline Companies Address

Using an experienced company that understands your mining operation and needs provides you with the opportunity to access the right materials and construction options to move products smoothly from one location to another. In addition to the cost savings associated with a slurry pipeline, this solution also offers environmental benefits, making your operation leaner and cleaner.

  • Mining pipe suppliers are well-versed in your mining operation and the materials you need to move. Using HDPE pipe designed to handle abrasive materials as they pass through the pipe, ensures that the pipes will withstand pressure for the duration of your operation.

  • Connections are critical to get right; allow your pipe supplier to weld so your connections are flawless. A company that uses welders who are familiar with the materials and trained to secure connections offers you greater security against leaks.

  • Using pipelines to move materials from one location to another, eliminates the use of large trucks that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. The use of a pipeline can save you money on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs as well.

Hiring a company that understands the priorities of mining operations like yours allows you to cut down on hassles, while moving material with minimal impact on the environment. Allow our professional team to design and build a successful pipeline that will work to your advantage on multiple fronts.

Related Services We Provide for Mining Pipelines

In addition to high quality HDPE pipes available in a wide range of lengths and diameters, we offer a few products to help you efficiently move your tailings:

  • We use an angle butt welding machine to fabricate custom tees and bends in HDPE pipe up to 1 000mm in diameter. This process creates leak-proof joins and ensures that the HDPE is resistant to chemical and biological corrosion, ensuring longevity.

  • We are experienced with custom fabricated eccentric reducers that provide a smooth transition, minimising turbulence and friction.

  • To fully support your needs, we carry additional products to provide exactly the assistance you need with your mining operation.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use G&M Poly Irrigation

Our family owned and operated business has been in service for more than ten years with 20 years of total experience in the industry. We operate all over Australia providing mining operations with the experience, skills, and products to help you operate efficiently. Our ability to custom-fabricate to your needs provides you with solutions that save you time and effort.

Let our experienced team design a pipeline system that moves material seamlessly and offers you multiple tangible benefits. Contact us for more information or to receive a quote.