Poly Pipe Irrigation

We Know Poly Pipe Irrigation Like the Back of Our Hand

If you require poly pipe irrigation systems in Australia, we can assist. At G&M Poly Irrigation, we believe in working with our customers to get the results they deserve. We are always there for our customers, no matter your agricultural irrigation pipe demand we can meet it.

The Importance of Poly Pipe Irrigation

There are many benefits to using poly pipes as your agricultural irrigation pipe of choice. Each of our pipes is made in Australia and welded to Australian standards. We fabricate custom pipes to meet your unique requirements; this distinction allows us to be your easy and efficient poly pipe solution. Here are even more reasons why using poly pipes for your irrigation is essential:

  • Resistant to corrosion: Many industries use poly pipes because they are corrosion and chemical resistant, making them the ideal pipe for projects that interact with corrosive substances. Ensure that your pipes last by obtaining our poly pipes or allowing us to fabricate your custom pipes.

  • Flexibility: If you know what you are doing with poly pipe, then you know all how it can be joined. Connecting your poly pipes is an easy and inexpensive process when done right. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us as we consider ourselves to be poly pipe professionals.

  • Durability guaranteed: If you are looking for agricultural irrigation pipe and need it to be strong, then our poly pipe is the answer. Our high-density polyethylene pipes offer the strength and durability necessary for irrigation.

What You Can Expect from G&M Poly Irrigation, Our Poly Pipes and Risers

We aim to provide poly pipes to all who need it throughout Australia; our goal is to be your primary provider for pipes. From our poly pipes and risers, to the welding; we constantly conduct ourselves to Australian standards and a result, everything we fabricate and sell is always up to standard, with our work never failing to speak for itself. Here are even more examples of what to expect when dealing with us and our trade:

  • Clear communication: When you request a custom pipe fabrication, we join forces with you to ensure that the outcome meets all your requirements. There is nothing worse than investing in a custom order and not getting what you paid for. That is exactly why we endeavour to provide excellence no matter the job.

  • Efficiency: Once you have accepted everything, we get straight to work providing you with the pipes you need. From poly pipe risers, to large custom orders, we work relentlessly to get you the pipes you deserve.

What Customer Stands to Lose if They Don’t Use G&M Poly Irrigation

There aren't many places that have our level of experience. With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the irrigation industry, you can rely on us.

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