Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Discover the Benefits of Modern Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Is it time to update the agricultural irrigation systems on your farm? If so, give us a call at G&M Poly Irrigation. Working with the best materials available on the market and offering services grounded in 20-plus years in the irrigation industry, we can help you discover the full benefits of modern farm irrigation systems.

What You Can Expect from G&M Poly Regarding Water Irrigation Systems for Agriculture

If you are ready to upgrade the irrigation system on your farm, you are probably shopping around between multiple different irrigation companies to do the job. Why should you choose G&M Poly Irrigation and what specific perks or benefits can you expect from working with us? Here are some of our core selling points:

  • Strong poly pipe systems: G&M Poly uses only polyethylene pipe (poly pipe) in the irrigation systems we build. In case you aren’t familiar, poly pipe is extremely strong and durable, whilst maintaining superb flexibility. These properties make poly pipe ideal for virtually any application that requires the movement of water from point A to point B—irrigation included. If you want your agricultural irrigation equipment to stand the test of time, poly pipe is your best bet.

  • Systems fabricated to suit your needs: Irrigation systems are not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. Every farm has different requirements for watering and irrigation—in terms of system size, capacity, layout and more. G&M Poly will design and fabricate an irrigation system specifically to suit your needs. We even offer a few different types of poly pipe, to make sure you get the right solution.

  • Pre-purchase quoting: We quote every project based on the details our customers provide. Our customised quotes contain not only the cost of poly pipe and system installation, but also any other products, services, or materials your project may require. Armed with an accurate quote, you’ll be able to budget accordingly and make plans for moving forward.

Related Services We Provide to Agricultural Irrigation Systems

G&M Poly has become a go-to source for farm irrigation equipment and installation, but irrigation is just one facet of what we do. Our other related services include:

  • Feed troughs: Poly pipe can be an ideal solution for both farm irrigation and livestock feeding. We can design a smart feed trough system for your farm, based on your specific needs.

  • Automation solutions: At G&M Poly, we have a proprietary technology intended for automated water management. This system is a computer program that makes it easy to manage every facet of your water delivery remotely. The technology makes it easier to water the crops on your farm and make sure every part of the property is getting the right amount of water. It can also track statistics about your irrigation, such as water pressure, flow rate and moisture levels in the soil.

  • Other systems for water movement and distribution: Need proof that you can trust our poly pipe structures for irrigation? Take a look at some of our previous clients. We have used poly pipe for everything from civic waterways, to mining pipelines, to drainage and water filtration systems.

Why Customers Should Use G&M Poly Irrigation

Are you looking for the strongest irrigation? Do you need help designing and fabricating an irrigation design that makes sense for your farm? Do you want to harness technology to water and monitor your farmland more effectively? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then now is the time to call G&M Poly Irrigation. We can help you modernise your system to maximise flexibility, durability, longevity, efficiency and performance. Contact us today to enquire about our water irrigation systems for agriculture.