Pontoon Houseboat

Our Pontoon Houseboat Can Be Your Ticket to a Fun River Ride

The poly pipe we fabricate is the ideal material for a pontoon houseboat; they are regularly used for jetties and other floating platforms due to their buoyancy. Our poly pipes are highly durable and can endure most outside elements. They are resistant to corrosion and don't require painting, as we ensure that they are entirely watertight when being welded.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Our Pontoon Houseboat

At G&M Poly, we enjoy informing our customers of what we can do for them. We have been operating for ten years and in that time we find that a job is never finished until the customer is satisfied. The materials we use for our pontoons are durable and buoyant; this means that no matter the river, you will have a long smooth ride. Here are more tips so that you can get the most out of our houseboat pontoons for sale in Australia:

  • We work best when we know just what you want; we take into account any specific demands or requirements needed for your pontoon when fabricating your custom order. Our work and floats are always of high quality and we stand by our work. No matter your demands, we can assist.

  • If your pontoon has a rip or tears in it, we can assist with repair and maintenance. Although we are based in northern Victoria, we have the human resources and equipment to aid all who need our services through Australia.

What Sets G&M Poly apart Regarding Our Houseboat Pontoons for Sale in Australia

Our knowledge of jetties and floating platforms extends beyond houseboat pontoons for sale in Australia; we have over 20 years of experience in the irrigation industry and ten years operating as poly pipe fabricators. This exposure has given us a firm understanding of how poly pipes are needed in today’s modern industries and how you can benefit from its use. Below are more examples of what set us apart from our competition:

  • Do you want a flotation platform to park your new houseboat pontoons next to? We can help you tackle that project. Our jetties can be the ideal flotation walkway to park your houseboat alongside. Having to bring your houseboat ashore can be trying, there is always the possibility of becoming stuck on shore. Prevent this with one of our jetties.

  • We can fabricate many custom pipes for our customers; we aim to be your one stop shop for all things poly pipes. They have many applications and are used by many industries for their beneficial characteristics. Low maintenance and durability mean that our poly pipes last longer than others and can save you both time and money.

Cutting corners can cause problems in the future; this may end up costing you more money and time than what you were expecting. We are a family owned business and all our services and products are held to Australian standards, meaning that they are always high-quality.

Contact us today and let us get you the boathouse platform you need.