Poly Fabrication

From Drainage Solutions to Floating Pump Stations, G&M Poly Irrigation Delivers Poly Fabrication

At G&M Poly Irrigation, we serve as a go-to source for poly fabrication in Australia. For ten years, we have worked across multiple industries to deliver practical, affordable, long-lasting polyethylene solutions to our clients. If you are seeking polyethylene fabrication services of any sort, we can help.

What You Can Expect from G&M Poly Irrigation Regarding Polyethylene Fabrication

When you call G&M Poly Irrigation for poly fabrication services, here are a few of the things you can expect.

  • Versatile services: Polyethylene can do a lot, and G&M Poly Irrigation has developed a suitably-varied list of services. Irrigation may be in our brand name, but our capabilities extend well beyond that area to include drainage systems, pontoons and flotation platforms, filtration equipment, bore casings, water delivery systems and more.

  • Focus on custom fabrication: Every project is different and our job is to respond to those differences with custom poly fabrication. We will work closely with you to design a solution that makes sense given the parameters of your project. We retain team members who are highly experienced in poly welding to help you get the perfect design for your boat, irrigation system, or bore casing.

  • Quality materials and standards: To guarantee the best results for our customers, we use only premium-quality, Australian-made poly pipe and weld it to Australian standards.

The Importance of Poly Fabrication

If you are thinking about using polyethylene for your next irrigation, drainage, flotation, or borehole project, here are a few of the reasons why custom poly fabrication is so important:

  • You get something designed to suit your project. The applications we serve at G&M Poly Irrigation aren’t situations in which you want your design or system to be ‘close enough.’ A drainage system or irrigation system or pontoon float should be designed to suit the project at hand, to help you avoid poor performance or system failure.

  • You can plan for your budget. One component of custom fabrication is budget. When you work with G&M Poly Irrigation to design and fabricate your system, we can help you control costs and meet budgetary limitations.

  • You work with someone who cares. When you work with a team for custom HDPE fabrication, you aren’t just buying a pre-existing project. You are leaning on seasoned professionals to create something based on your needs and specifications. G&M Poly Irrigation is committed to getting everything right the first time and you will notice that commitment in the way we communicate and work with you. We were founded as a family business and continue that philosophy today—grounded in superb customer service and strong relationships—more than a decade later.

Why Trust G&M Poly Irrigation Regarding Custom Poly Fabrication

Between our lasting reputation as a dependable company, our commitment to delivering satisfactory custom projects and our adherence to high standards for both materials and welding work, you can trust G&M Poly Irrigation to deliver results on your next polyethylene project. Contact us today to get started.