Electrofusion Welding

Rely On Electrofusion Welding to Create Durable Pipelines

When it comes to joining up piping made from HDPE to create durable, water-saving pipelines, electrofusion welding is one of the most useful techniques one can utilise. At G&M Poly Irrigation, we field an experienced team, equipped with all the latest hardware to provide quality welds both on-site, or wherever you may require them.

Problems Electrofusion Welding from G&M Poly Irrigation Addresses

Why rely upon this technique? It can assuage some common concerns, such as:

  • Inconsistent joints and variable weld quality, which can lead to weak segments more prone to failure over time. One of the key advantages to electrofusion welds is their uniformity, since there is very little need for hands-on work. As the process is mainly electrical in nature and takes place within the weld collar, every joint on even the longest of pipelines can exhibit the same stability and quality.

  • Facing time-consuming repairs that would otherwise require disassembly. When joints do damage or when other portions of a poly pipeline begin to exhibit wear, our welding process allows for fast and effective repairs. In many cases, there is no need to disassemble the pipeline and we can complete repairs in situ.

  • Short deadlines for the deployment of a new pipeline. When you face an urgent need to make a new connection from a source to a destination, you may not have time to wait for other methodologies. This type of welding is fast and highly effective for quality control.

By allowing our clients to navigate around these common issues, we can move you closer to the conclusion of your project.

Benefits of Using an Electrofusion Collar from G&M Poly Irrigation

To achieve these results, the use of a welding collar is necessary; this fitting goes around the pipe sections you need to join. The advantages of this include:

  • Our equipment and experience allow us to carry out every weld to the relevant Australian and NZ standards. Put in place to ensure quality, safety, and durability, these guidelines ensure that everyone knows what's expected of work in these areas. We always provide our clients with straightforward access to work that yields optimum results.

  • Our ability to deliver custom work wherever needed. The versatility of this hardware makes a range of applications possible. Ask us about the many other services we provide.

  • Using our electrofusion collar welding services supports an Australian-owned and operated business. We use domestically-produced goods to provide efficient and long-lasting pipeline systems that reflect the values of our business.

Why G&M Poly Irrigation is a Cost-Effective Choice for Electrofusion Welding

An Australian family-owned and run business, G&M Poly Irrigation prides itself on delivering flexible solutions to our clients. Our focus on correct, standards-compliant procedures yields better results on the first pass, saving you from time-consuming error corrections and future repairs. Our service produces a clear return on your investment with reduced maintenance requirements. Find out more about our piping systems now, or contact us to request a quote.