CCTV Video Surveillance

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Phone App Control

The VIVOCLOUD App is available on both Android or iPhone, the app gives you the ability to view the cameras live stream and playback recorded footage by specifying a date and time within the app.

Camera management settings such as camera motion sensitivity, alarm events and storage information are just a few settings that can be adjusted via the VIVOCLOUD App.

VIVOCLOUD supports “Push Notifications” to alert you immediately of any motion detection or specified alarm events that have occurred. The cloud app and VMS run independently of each other, this provides redundancy in the unlikely event that one system should fail. It is important to know that both systems have exactly the same recorded footage. Screen shots can be taken live from the phone app and saved directly to the user’s phone, recorded footage must be exported via the VMS system.

Off site Storage

When a triggered motion event occurs video files are emailed to a free Gmail account for offsite storage with a 15GB limit. Additional storage can be purchased for $25.00 a year (100GB) or $44.00 a year (200GB). A 15GB limit would allow for around 3500 motion events a month. Video motion events can be scheduled for particular days and times. An example of this would be, if the remote CCTV site is monitoring a work site where people are working during the hours of (8am to 5pm). The sending of video files could be set to start once the work day has finished (ie; 5pm).

Site Data Plan

The CCTV package uses a prepaid mobile sim card. There are no lock in contracts. Credit is applied to the site using Telstra’s prepaid recharge website.

At the time of writing this document, prepaid pricing is as follows: $30 for 2.5GB, $40 5GB, $50 7.5GB, $60 10GB data.

Unused data is banked and can be used on the next recharge. The remote site will send an SMS notification when data is low or when the end of month recharge is due to be renewed.

On board PC, VMS (Video management system)

The on board PC can be accessed via a remote connection app using either Android, iPhone or PC. The VMS has it’s own internal SSD Hard drive where all recorded footage is stored, there are a number of different sizing options with regards to the internal storage. The VMS is where all recorded footage is exported. Once exported the footage automatically uploads to google drive to be accessed by anyone with the authorised link and internet access.

SMS Control

There are keywords that can be sent via SMS to the site to preform different tasks. These include:

  • Status - displays the 4G signal strength, current month upload and download data, WAN IP address, wireless status and firmware version as well as a GPS longitude and latitude if a GPS is added to the system.

  • Restart - Restarts the router.

  • Disconnect - Shuts down the modem connection.

  • Connect - Reestablishes the modem connection.

  • WLAN on and WLAN off - Turns on or off WiFi. For 2.4 GHz use WLAN24 and WLAN5 for 5 GHz.

Site Monitor

The remote site equipment has the capacity to monitor battery voltage, solar voltage, temperature and current. All of these variables can be set to a high or low threshold to trigger an alarm condition. An alarm condition can be sent to five different email recipients.

Vivotek Flagship camera

The FD9365-HTV is the new flagship outdoor dome network camera from VIVOTEK, equipped with a full HD sensor capable of 1920x1080 resolution at 60 fps. With the most updated VIVOTEK SNV and WDR Pro technology, the FD9365-HTV is capable of capturing the highest quality images in both low light and high contrast environments.