Bore Casing Pipe

Enjoy Maximum Durability with Bore Casing Pipe from G&M Poly

Boreholes are an essential means of finding water or oil underground. However, a boring program is only ever as strong as the bore casing pipe used to line and stabilise the borehole. At G&M Poly Irrigation, extremely durable and flexible bore casings are among our core services. We can help you choose, fabricate and install the correct casing pipe for your borehole strategy.

The Importance of Bore Casing Pipe

If you’re seeking bore casing pipe suppliers, you are probably already familiar with why this type of structure is so important. If not, however, here is a brief recap of the essential benefits that bore casing can provide.

  • It reduces the risk of cave-ins along the borehole: Once a borehole is drilled, it needs stabilisation in some way. A borehole with no type of casing or lining will lack structural integrity and be at risk of a cave-in. Borehole casing provides structural stability so that you can keep drilling deeper, or prevent costly cave-ins.

  • It limits fluid/resource loss: A borehole is typically the first step to building a well for water or oil. Having casing in place means these vital resources aren’t leaching into the soil, thereby limiting fluid loss or preventing it entirely.

  • It prevents contamination risk: In the case of an oil well, the resource leaching into the soil risks environmental contamination. In the case of water well drilling, failing to encase the borehole risks contaminating the water well itself. Bore casing helps protect the resource.

Tips for Choosing Bore Casing Suppliers

If you are in the market for a water well casing pipe in Australia, keep these tips in mind to make sure you end up with the right supplier for the job:

  • Choose poly pipe: Poly pipe, or polyethylene pipe, is durable, flexible and extremely strong. It can provide your borehole with the structural integrity it needs to protect the resources you are trying to harvest. At G&M Poly, we use only poly pipe manufactured to stringent Australian standards.

  • Make sure the supplier can meet your needs: What are your length and pipe diameter requirements for your bore casing pipe? At G&M Poly, we can offer poly pipe for bore casings in a variety of different sizes. We can also provide on-site butt welding, to extend the length of your pipe in cases involving deep bores.

  • Look for experience: Experience matters when it comes to bore casing suppliers. The construction and installation of effective bore casings is something that comes from time and on-the-job experience. At G&M Poly, we have been in business for a decade and have worked on many bore casing projects. When you hire us, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we know what we’re doing.

Why Trust G&M Poly Regarding Bore Casing Pipe

At G&M Poly, we understand the importance of structurally strong borehole casings. Our experience means that we will approach your project with the appropriate level of care and attention to detail. Our commitment is to use only the best Australian poly to ensure maximum longevity and strength for your poly casing pipe. Contact us today to learn more.