automated irrigation

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G&M Poly's Automation Systems are highly developed automated irrigation system. They combines the technologies of radio telemetry, solar power and personal computers to produce an easy-to-use automated irrigation system that is exceeding flexible, powerful and cost effective. The systems utilizes a license-free band of the VHF radio spectrum, with a standard operating range of 8km, which can be increased to over 30kms where required.

The Automation systems allows irrigation schedules to be created and stored for automatic operation, resulting in greater accuracy and superior time efficiency. They not only controls automation, but also monitors (with alarms) a range of functions providing peace of mind during automatic operation.
Automation is applicable to all irrigators, and has been designed for use on all types of irrigation systems, including:

  • Flood
  • Pumped
  • Pressure
  • Bores
  • Piped, spray, sub surface, drip, pipe and riser

Able to be retro-fitted to existing water management structures G&M Poly Irrigation provide free, no obligation on-site consultation, design and quotes for all irrigation proposals.